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As you may know, Ford USA has abandoned the 1991-1994 Capri by dis-continuing all but a few essential parts. Many of the parts and accessories that are listed and available in our 1991-1994 Capri Parts Catalog can no longer be obtained from Ford USA.

As long as Ford APAO continues to make parts available for the Australian market you can be assured of an ongoing supply of new Capri replacement parts that apply to the US models. This import arrangement coupled with our existing inventory of new, reproduction, and used Capri parts will ensure a Capri parts pipeline for the future.

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by Jeff Louis


1993 Mercury Capri N/A, 1.6 DOHC engine & automatic transmission Platinum Silver clear coat (code YB) Standard Pyramid pattern Grey cloth interior, Black vinyl convertible soft top. Equipped with Preferred Equipment Package 951A, which includes cruise control, air conditioning, AM/FM Stereo w/cassette, and 14’ Geometric aluminum alloy wheels

Manufactured in June 1992 and titled/delivered to original owner on May 1993. A title search revealed that the original owner had the car for 12 years, second owner had possession for two years and me the current third owner. The car had 74,804 original miles when I purchased it and is currently at 75,820.


My passion for Mercury Capris began over 20 years ago, when my Father and I saw our first Capri concept car in 1988 at a regional auto show. My Father was a 43 year employee of Ford Motor Company, so I grew up a car fanatic from the beginning. I waited two years for the first Capri to arrive at the local Cleveland dealership and purchased my first Capri , a Cardinal Red N/A, in the fall of 1990. I owned my first Capri for 2 years and after a lot of miles and mechanical issues I traded the car in for another vehicle.

Fifteen years later I never forgot that Capri and wished I had never sold it. In July 2007, I was at a Red light and glanced over at a used car lot. Parked in the first row was a tired old Capri with a 'Summer Special' sign in the window. I was not looking to buy a third vehicle, but I turned around anyway to check the car out. The car had fairly low mileage and zero rust (which is near impossible, it was in Ohio for fourteen years). After obtaining a clear car fax and three hours of deliberation, I bought the Capri to the right for $2,500.00. Picture taken the day I drove it home.


Priority one was to make sure my Capri was safe to drive and reliable. My car had no service records at the time of my purchase. I checked the car at the car dealer when I bought it for the obvious, but took a gamble on any hidden problems. The first purchase for the Capri was a new set of BF Goodrich Traction TA all season tires, as well as a factory correct Motorcraft 35 series battery.

My first research project was finding a local mechanic with both the experience and desire to work on a unique and older vehicle like my Capri. I utilized the internet and the local Better Business Bureau to find a qualified reputable repair shop. I was fortunate to find Nordonia Tire & Service in Northfield Ohio. The first mechanical project was a comprehensive inspection and updating the manufacturer's recommended maintenance. We performed all of recommended service on the Capri as listed in the Owner's manual. We also changed the fluids, filters and lubricants in the vehicle, and a transmission and coolant flush. Replaced all of the spark plugs and ignition wires. Changed out the rear struts, rear wheel bearings and replaced a rear trailing arm. In the second year of ownership, I replaced the complete exhaust system from exhaust manifold to tailpipe at a local Midas repair shop.

Mechanical work on the Capri now only involves routine maintenance. I change the oil and filter twice per year using synthetic oil (based on recommendation from PJ at Mid County Classic Mustang/Capri). First change is when car comes out of storage in April and the second is before winter storage in November.


When purchased the Capri had a deteriorated vinyl top with multiple tears and holes. Also the interior had a musty smell based on the water leaks from the top. The general condition of the interior was neglected. There were broken door pulls, broken map pockets, broken glove box handle, broken rear view lighted mirror, missing floor mats, bent rear seat back and front seats with totally disintegrated seat foam. The clock was not working and the oil pressure gauge was inoperative. Finally the temperature levers were broken off and cigarette lighter was missing. Not owning an old car before, I was not sure where to find specialty parts for my Capri . Luckily I typed in ' Capri' on my internet search engine and found Mid County Classic Mustang/Capri. I e-mailed for a free Capri catalog and I was on my way to finding the parts I needed. I found the Roo-Sport website a valuable resource for Capri history and background information.

Over the next few months I replaced all of the broken parts, stripped the interior and steam cleaned everything. Bedford Auto Trim in Walton Hills Ohio re-stuffed my driver and passenger seats with replacement seat foam from Mid County Classic Mustang/CAPRI and also stretched and re-sewed all the seat fabric to look like new. Midco also supplied me with a mint condition rear seat back and cushion to complete the restoration.

Switched out the failed oil sending unit and re-connected the wiring to the dash, and the the oil pressure gauge worked perfectly. At the same time, Bedford Auto Trim also installed a new Black Vinyl soft top that I purchased from Cabrio World. The top is now brand new and drum tight without any leaks. The soft top is cleaned and treated once a year with the Vinyl Top products manufactured by Ragg Top Inc.


Beginning at the end of July 2008, my Capri underwent an 11 month restoration process at Highland Auto Body in Macedonia , Ohio . Bob Barnett the owner has many years of body shop expertise and transformed my Capri from a tired used car into an award winning show car.

My Capri was a perfect candidate for restoration since it was a rust free car. After the car was stripped down, there was only three spots of rust found on the car; surface rust on the windshield header and two holes on the floor board under the front seats which were patched and welded.

The main problems with the body were cosmetic and not structural. The body was covered in countless door dings on both sides of the car and numerous dents across the trunk lid. The hood and quarter panels also suffered from many scratches and deteriorated clear coat patches.

All dents and body imperfections were fixed by Bob and his staff. The car was re-sprayed in the factory correct original paint code YB. The geometric aluminum wheels were also sandblasted and repainted in factory correct Metallic Silver. The car was also professional re-painted in special places like the underside of the hood and trunk, door wells, gas filler area, convertible top boot and engine compartment. The trunk interior was completely refurbished with a new trunk floor board, new jack and wrench and re-spray with fresh undercoating. New parts for the car include side view mirrors, headlamps, parking side marker lenses, rear deck trim between tail lights and new taillights. A new windshield was installed to replace the cracked original along with new weather stripping.



July 2007 – purchased Capri.

July 2007 thru August 2007 – completion of mechanical repairs.

October 2007 – installation of convertible soft top and refurbished interior.

July 2008 – replaced exhaust system.

July 2008 thru June 2009 – full body restoration, paint and vehicle re-assembly.

The initial price of the Capri was approximately $2,500. The restoration costs were roughly $6,000 to $7,000 dollars. Includes paid professional services, the purchase of required new/used parts and a good deal of my personal time.


Entered my Capri into its first local car show since the car was complete. Entered into Sports Car class at the show and took home a first place trophy. The car was shown along with a storyboard with pictures on the Capri history, restoration pictures and a fact book containing more restoration pictures, Capri magazine articles and a Mid County Classic Mustang/Capri catalog.


Jeff Louis
Cleveland, Ohio


1-503-919-4227 OR 1-847-370-3760


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